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    He is alone and thinks, somehow, that he deserves this. And as he wanders on, he decides that no one should stand beside him. He’s got no room, on board his TARDIS. He is a traveller, and needs no other.

    But then he finds himself in the cellar of a London shop at closing time, and he grabs the hand of an Earthling called Rose Tyler, and looks into her eyes, and all those resolutions go out of the window! The journey goes on, with a human at his side, and who knows where it will end…


    written by Russell T Davies in the Doctor Who 2006 Annual

    • 'earthling' lolol
    • 'looks into her eyes, and all those resolutions go out of the window!' oh my heart
    • the journey goes on
    • until it bloody ends because of those pesky daleks again
    • they always survive whilst he loses everything
    • ow

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  5. 18-19/?? of Jensen at cons ♥˞(∀`●)

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  7. 9/10 rarely-giffed destiel scenes

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  8. 1x03 || favorite Dean caps 2/100

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  9. sam and dean + going undercover

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    N°1 - JIBCON 2014 - Jensen Ackles 
    Photo credit goes to the amazing Redteekal

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    ♚ 99mockingbirds tutorials
    blend & texture 1
    blend & texture 1

    ♚ wicked-fate tutorials
    20 graphics tips
    basic gif

    ♚ mareluna3000 tutorials

    gif “flash effect”
    how to create an action
    the tweening effect

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